Indeed the purples, blues, and reds encountered on the IDE seem like a dozen of fun. However, sometimes when performing navigation bar styling for two hours is not just as fun anymore. Suppose you have multiple websites to maintain, each involving its own unique but complex navigation bar design, and then you are in for a treat of the senses as you attempt to manage all of them. It can be a fantastically fun time writing codes especially when you are constructing something useful, complex, innovative, and wide-reaching. Nevertheless, not every project will fit what we have just mentioned. At times you will get bored again and again but that should not be a reason to halt your project. We have put together a list of useful suggestions that we use frequently in order to prevent avoid boredom while coding apps, which is as follows.

Computer Focus Mode Activation

If your programming or coding job does not require you to be online, then allow your computer to be offline. Keep your phone disconnected from the internet and turned off from the Wi-Fi. Ideally, this should be implemented during the most generative time of your day to keep off interruptions ensuring a smooth workflow. The code editors that are distraction-free are the perfect place to start as they give you ample time to just concentrate on code. This alongside working online will maximize the concentration amount you pay to your programming. Because of duties’ reduction for multitasking, a well-known factor called “attention residue” which elevates focus is maximized.

The Vibe As You Work

Listening to music is considered the most effective way to avoid boredom while coding apps. There are plenty of focus-based mixes and playlists spanning a variety of styles and genres available to use on YouTube. You will only need to determine which works best for you and stay with it. However, a lot of people have difficulty concentrating when the music is on. The solution to that is instrumental music which has the opposite effect. it reinforces your feedback loop as it serves as background music keeping you plunged in the coding for an extended period.

Use Technologies You Love

Programmers like technology and it’s so obvious that using technologies that you like makes everything much more entertaining. For example, I really feel entertained in the world of front-end development. Programming something and seeing it that I can touch and as well interact with it on a desktop screen or mobile to me is fun. Nevertheless, for me programming something like fridges or smart fridges, will be interesting first but will get me bored faster because am not so passionate about refrigerators. It’s something far away from websites and phones thus teach yourself languages that correspond to devices that you like personally.

Exercise Meditation And Mindfulness

Studies have shown that even as small as twenty minutes of daily meditation session has the ability to maximize complete cognitive activities. Meditation alleviates the exercise of focusing individual attention and as well being in the moment alongside watching one’s train of thought without attempting to control it. This is a very crucial programmer skill as it allows new code structures along with other approaches to solve a challenge. In addition, meditation breaks in collaboration with the Pomodoro method yield excellent results in terms of boosting your concentrate batteries. It goes without saying that it can be one of the best ways to prevent boredom while coding.

Exercise Pomodoro Technique

According to this approach, every task should be visualized and recorded first as a to-do list preferably. When starting your coding, set a timer for twenty-five minutes and begin the work. When the timer halt, put a checkmark on the sheet of paper and finish off your work. Then, you will take a break of three to five minutes if the checkmarks number on the sheet is less than four. However, if the checkmarks on the sheet are more than four, take a break of fifteen to thirty minutes. This break permits your brain to breathe before going back to the project without losing concentration.

Separate Your Code And Your Life

Learn to leave coding at the office if that is what you do for a living. Nevertheless, the coding bug bites, and you will be coding for everything and attempting to make your house appear futuristic with a few lines of python before you know it. You should keep your work at work and home, you should set aside a distinct area for coding. This should appear to be a minor adjustment until it is not. Keeping coding separated from your life is considered a terrific approach specifically for those individuals simply bored of coding apps.

Don’t Perplex Your Life Just Keep Things Simple

To be precise this is one of the good practices. Making programming simple and straightforwardly solving problems with the application of the most pragmatic solution will minimize stress and become much more entertaining. Being cautious as simple does not mean easy. As a matter of fact, the challenging part is solving a difficult problem by using solutions that are simple. But if you can handle it, all the programming and modifications work that will come will be much more simple, easy, and more entertaining to carry.

Too Many Things To Do

This is where you panic after realizing things that need to be implemented and before you know it, time is gone with nothing done but overthinking. Panics and overthinking are considered normal to programmers just like constructors as much job has to be done out there. When such thoughts embark on your mind ensure not to espouse emotions. Alternatively, utilize a simple trick; keep your focus on your current work, and if complications arise make some drawings. 

The issue here is that so many thoughts are crossing our minds and when such a thing is encountered, the best way to deal with it is to write something down. For instance, you can create a bullet list or make some drawings. Engaging your mind in such activities will put things into perspective and ensure your thought is cleared. If this doesn’t work, take a nap or a break for fifteen minutes. Sleeping has proven to effectively reduce stress.

Takes Regular Breaks 

When was a newbie in the world of programming, I used to have a mindset that coding is locking yourself the entire day in a dark room doing codes. This is not far from what we view in the movies these days. However, similar to what athlete does in sports activities such as soccer, basketball, or boxing, I gradually realized that coding needs taking breaks. Take a car engine for an example. It requires petrol and oil to keep it running. For you, you need healthy food, a lot of water, and take a break to do a perfect job. When your mind has rested enough, it’s able to think creatively which leads to solving problems even better.

A Mindset Of “I Can Do This”

It is a great mindset to have in terms of responsibilities for problem-solving. Nevertheless, you cannot fully learn something as room for improvement is always available. Being inquisitive is the best character to have in this field as it helps you gain insight and ideas, especially when working in an organization. The one I have encountered performing remarkably in companies asks a lot of questions and well-formulated questions. the programming knowledge you extract from asking is unique, based on experience, and is incomparable to that gained from watching videos or reading articles. Coding is a job and sharing is caring and helping each other.

Avoid Skipping Complexity

Every programmer is a victim of this in the name of completing the project faster. In most cases, we bypass the long itinerary to achieve something and rest for the agile and gentle hard-coded approach. Nothing wrong here because the outcome will be similar. However, down the line at some point, it will return back to you as a Chesire-like grin. So here is my advice to you, skip not the complex approach. This can help you create secure and more scalable scripts, as well as avoid boredom while coding.

Halt Coding And Find Out Why You’re Bored

At times, coding has absolutely nothing to do with your boredom. Coding is coding and you can write as much as you want and always enhance and build up and up. you are capable of doing this forever and owning something pretty solid at the end. But somewhere between these coding journeys, you become slow in typing; you can’t seem to think and have no idea why. The mind starts interpreting simple as complex and that is known as boredom. That is when you should halt everything because any step further may end up ruining perfect stable codes.

Don’t Be Over-Ambitious, Take Things Slow

As a programmer, you should do things step by step, level after the other. This field of coding is just like a book. If you read the first few pages and then jump all the way to 3/4, the story will never make sense to you. The whole reading will be unfamiliar and boring. We lose interest and coding motivation due to jumping to unfamiliar territory. The coding becomes tedious when you attempt to begin a coding project that is completely out of your comfort zone. So ensure you are not over-ambitious, try something easier if you realise what you are doing is frustrating. Start with small projects that you are comfortable with and then scale to bigger stuff.

Get Some Workout

If your mind is tired of doing the same thing for a long time, get up and do something else. Move around the office, house or somewhere else you won’t get bothered, and allow yourself to move for a while. Running upstairs and down or doing some jump jacks will assist you in staying awake more than just sitting on your chair throughout coding. If you are experiencing some burn, you might want to attempt combining this method and code writing. For instance, jumping jacks while you are editing a text may work well for you if flooding your keyboard all over with sweat won’t mind you. Ensure to keep watch of cars if you are moving outside.

Be Aware Of Your Enemy

If you are aware that you are going to sit for many hours, it is very crucial to understand what might steal your attention or distract you. Many people have a saying that what happens on the internet stays on the internet, but if you are such a person who gets distracted very easily, then use this knowledge for good, not for bad, an

d might help your mind to keep focus for a longer period of time. YouTube or any other website may contain a lot of videos. My recommendation is that you search for educational videos that you find interesting. Every time a video jumps up in your queue, it will be something relevant, not the opposite.

Do Something New 

Perhaps attempting to do something unexampled is the answer if you get bored easily with what you are doing. If you find yourself getting bored by playing around with front-end technologies such as HTML and JavaScript, then try back-end technology such as PHP and SQL. This might jump-start your mind and make things more interesting for you. The idea here of course is not to teach yourself the back-end but to try something new. This could be anything such as a new language, mobile development, front-end, back-end, or whatever you may feel is fit for you. Maybe the reason you find yourself bored easily or lack motivation is doing the same thing over and over again or old technology. Exposing your mind to something new may unlock your world of possibilities.


The key point here is to eliminate boredom, stay motivated and keep your mind focused on the technology you are building up. This article has compiled a list of strategies that focus on helping you get to do that but that does not mean all of them will work for you. Identify what motivates you and stay with it. Don’t be harsh to yourself, just listen to yourself because sometimes all you need is a break, and sometimes help may be from someone else, and other times is soothing your mind with cool music. Don’t hesitate to choose and stay with what works best for you.