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Introducing Metafic Odyssey

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solving challenges of tomorrow, today.

Working on complex problems and delivering ambitious products.


Product Team Of Metafic

TeaM is the name of team behind odyssey projects. Epic, talented, focused and good humans. Team is currently invite only but anyone can apply for invitation to it.


Creating Actual Impact

Not just for marketing, problem we work on and our solutions create actual impact and push human race forward. We have quantified it too.

Solution First

Not Just Complex, Something That Needed Solution

Odysseys doesn’t have to be complex problems but are the problems that must be solved and have a huge impact. We focus on all such problems.


Ambitious, Exploratory and Groundbreaking Projects

All our odyssey projects are built on cutting-edge technology because you need next gen stuff to deploy groundbreaking ideas.

We deal in ideas that change world. You in?

Get Involved.

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For Researchers

What if a researcher from New York can collaborate with scientist from Rwanda?

Metafic is currently working with top researchers and scientists from all across the globe to work on solution through which original and valid research can reach everyone, fast.

AI & Beyond

What if you have a designer in your company powered by Machine Learning?

Every product need in a design team, and what if we reduce the design team’s time by 90%? What if in one click you have design systems ready to be used? That’s art ❤️ engineering?

Seamless Travel

A perfect platform for frequent flyers, airport shoppers and travellers.

What if we auto check-in you to your flight and find the best seat for free and many more things? What if we make the most stressful part of the journey the easiest and fun part?

Website Design and Development

Got an odyssey project?
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If you want us to be a part of your odyssey idea or want a technology partner who can understand, design, develop and deploy your idea, get in touch.

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