A sketch plugin is a software add-on, it makes our work automated and fast. There are many sketch plugins on the internet, all of them are not great. Let see some important sketch plugins below.

Plugin #1


Paddit is a great way to be consistent with text alignment and spacing. when it is applied to a layer, it auto-adjusts size and padding around other objects. It helps us to be consistent with spacing throughout the project.


Plugin #2

Spell Check All Layer

Sketch doesn’t have any spell-checking capabilities. so there is a plugin called spell check all layers, It will look through any misspellings inside of your current sketch page and suggest replacements. This will help protect yourself from glaring typos with clients.


Plugin #3


Compo is a Sketch plugin that makes it easier to work with interface components. for example, if you select a text layer and launch the plugin by pressing ⌘J. The text is a button now.


Plugin #4

Auto layout

Auto-Layout is a Sketch Plugin that empowers designers to build responsive designs inside Sketch. It gives you the flexibility to preview your design on all screen sizes like iPhone/iPad sizes including Portrait/Landscape.


Plugin #5

Material Theme Editor

Material theme editor is a sketch plugin, it gives you baseline themes with predefined components, icons, typography, colors, and more. Once you install it, you can customize the theme to your brand. And it helps to properly set up a Sketch file for UI branding.


Plugin #6

Content Generator

The content generator is a sketch plugin. it allows you to quickly create dummy content without typing. you can use this plugin to quickly create the profile photos, names, emails, phone numbers, and locations with just a click.


Plugin #7

Magic Mirror

The content generator is a sketch plugin. using this plugin you can do the perspective transformation to shapes, text, etc. there is no need of using other design tools like photoshop, illustrator.


Plugin #8

Symbol Organiser

This is one of the most important sketch plugins for arranging symbols. by using it you can organize your symbols page and layer list, based on the symbol names. you can apply a maximum of symbols per row/column and can arrange it vertically or horizontally.


Plugin #9

Select Similar Layers

This plugin is more similar to selecting a similar layer in adobe illustrator. By using this plugin you can select another layer with the same style as the layer that you are currently selecting.